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7th August, 2023

Ozzie – A JLU Around the World

WranglerJL_Moab2022_KyleWells (7)

This Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited is no ordinary Jeep. In fact, it's one of the most special Jeeps in ARB's collection. Out of the four Jeep Wrangler JLs that ARB has owned, this was the very first one.

But that's not all - we believe it was also the first Jeep JL to touch down on Aussie soil.

Within weeks of receiving it, we drove it onto a plane and airfreighted it to our headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, where our team of engineers and product developers gave it the full ARB treatment.

Before it could be shipped back to the USA, it had to be returned to stock due to government regulations. Fast forward a few months, and it was back at our Washington State facility, ready to take on new adventures.

This Jeep had undergone so many ordeals and had traveled so far that it deserved a special name. And that's how Ozzie was born!

Ozzie has been through several phases of modifications since then, but it still retains its unique spirit and rugged charm. Check out the photos to see Ozzie in its current state, ready for whatever adventure comes its way.

Protection Equipment

ARB Bondi Stubby Front Bumper

ARB Rear Bumper

ARB Rock Sliders

Lighting & Recovery

ARB Intensity 21

ARB Jack

ARB Premium Recovery Kit

TRED Pro Recovery Board

Warn Zeon 10-S

Suspension & Tires

Old Man Emu BP-51 Suspension System

35” BFG KM3 on 17” KMC Wheels

Drivetrain & Performance

ARB Air Lockers

ARB Differential Covers

Safari Snorkel

Roof Rack


ARB Flinders RTT

ARB 2000MM Awning

ARB Slimline Light Bar


ARB Twin Air Compressor

ARB LINX Vehicle Accessory Interface

ARB ZERO Fridge Freezer

ARB Roller Drawer System

ARB Seat Covers

Layer 3

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